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About Us

The Brostrom Way

Many of you already know us – our entire staff is active in the local community and we have been providing hands-on physical therapy for the members in the City of South Lyon and surrounding area for several years. Maintaining community character and prosperity is very important to us here at Brostrom Physical Therapy. 


Besides our outstanding Physical Therapist team and the exceptional staff that greets you when walking through our doors and patiently works with you on insurance matters, there are three major differences between our clinic and those in the area: 

  1. We are privately/locally owned and operated.  We take care of everything here. 

  2. All therapy is performed by a licensed Therapist. 

  3. Our treatment rooms are private. 


At Brostrom Physical Therapy, we strive to provide an exceptional therapy experience in a personal setting and specialize in treating a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries, including the use of the world-renowned McKenzie Method. You can expect a commitment to your physical rehabilitation needs, all by local staff and local owners. 


We will help you with every step of your therapy needs, from assisting with insurance benefits to developing a personalized plan of care and treatment goals. If therapy is required for neurological disorders all the way down to the toes, we’d love to treat you! 

Leg Injury

Hands-on treatment you need with the care you deserve.

Our Approach

At Brostrom Physical Therapy we provide an all hands-on approach supplemented by our staff of highly qualified physical therapists with specializations, such as the McKenzie Method, Lymphedema, Vestibular, and LSVT BIG certifications. McKenzie Clinicians and our therapists with specializations and certifications have been educated in advanced hands-on techniques beyond what is taught at the traditional University Physical Therapy Program. 

The Growing Years

Over the last 10 years we both have developed long-lasting relationships with many physicians, business owners, major medical and auto insurance companies, and community members in this area.  We have received overwhelming support and encouragement from these individuals when this business opportunity arose.  We thank you!  We want to be here, we want to forge new relationships, and we want to continue to support the local community for years to come. 

Where We're Going

Our goal is to have a (successful!) Physical Therapy Clinic here in South Lyon by providing one-on-one, hands-on physical therapy in a caring, professional environment. We provide physical therapy to all ages including pediatric and geriatric clients, as well as athletes and work injuries. As an evidence-based practice, we will be dedicated to remaining up-to-date with current research and the most effective treatment methods.   

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