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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Our team is experienced in treating athletes at the top of their game. Whether you are getting ready for your first 5k, wanting to improve your golf swing, or returning from an injury, our team is here to help you reach your goals with effective and comprehensive care.

Physical Therapy Session

Sports Injuries

"As an active 40+ woman, I was totally taken out of my exercise life by a tweaked back. After physical therapy at Brostrom's, I was able to return to hiking, mountain biking and running pain-free. I can't thank the Brostrom team enough for sharing their talent and making my life rock again!"

— Jean S.


Running injuries • Back to running protocol • Footwear and gait assessment • Conditioning and strengthening • Communication with coaches and trainers • Drills and techniques aimed at maximizing athletic performance • Early intervention/future injury prevention • Athletic taping • Deep tissue massage/mobilization techniques • Knee injuries • Meniscus and ligament tears • Athletic taping • Tennis elbow • Pitchers/Golfer's elbow •  Ankle sprains  • Shoulder injuries

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