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Lymphatic Drainage

Rendered by a Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist, lymphatic drainage techniques are helpful for those looking for an immunity boost, are dieting or detoxing, or who have pre- or post-surgical swelling (edema), as well as clients who have lymphedema, lipedema, or cancer.

Lymphatic drainage massage involves gently manipulating specific areas of your body to help lymph move to an area with working lymph vessels. The main function is to help balance body fluid by collecting, draining, and moving clean lymph from tissue and back into venous blood circulation toward the heart.


Lymphatic Drainage

"Both of my therapists were professional, friendly and truly knowledgeable about lymphedema and how to treat it. They also did a great job of teaching me how to manage my condition on my own, which was very helpful."

— Shannon F.


In order to enjoy the effective benefits of massage therapy, we recommend it be performed on a consistent basis. 

Headaches/Migraines • Neck (cervical) pain • Mid-back (thoracic) pain • Low back (lumbar) pain • Herniated discs Degenerative disc disease • Torticollis • Shoulder pain • Elbow pain • Wrist pain • Hip pain • Knee pain • Ankle pain Joint stiffness

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