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General Orthopedic Conditions

In addition to the various specialties our therapists possess, we are well-experienced and knowledgeable regarding general orthopedic conditions. We treat a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries from the head all the way down to the toes!

Physical Therapy Session

General Orthopedic Conditions

"People make the place. When I have PT needs, I don't even consider anywhere else. To a person, the staff is helpful, knowledgeable, encouraging, kind, caring, and make me feel important. Their success is found in my success. Highly recommend!"

— Paul E.


Headaches/Migraines • Neck pain • Shoulder pain • Elbow pain • Wrist pain • Hand pain • Mid-back pain • Low back pain • Sciatica • Hip Pain • Hamstring pain • Knee pain • Ankle pain • Foot pain • Fractures • Muscle tears and strains • Tendonitis

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