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Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish massages utilize long, flowing strokes, which is helpful in reducing pain and/or joint stiffness, as well as improving joint function. This type of massage is best for recipients who want a light, relaxing session (we can vary the intensity depending on your needs). A Swedish massage will help you recharge and leave you feeling refreshed.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

"Danielle and Yvonne are very professional and caring. In each of my massage sessions, they always focus on my particular needs. I'd highly recommend them to others."

— Shirley M.


In order to enjoy the effective benefits of massage therapy, we recommend it be performed on a consistent basis. 

Headaches/Migraines • Neck (cervical) pain • Mid-back (thoracic) pain • Low back (lumbar) pain • Herniated discs  Degenerative disc disease • Torticollis • Shoulder pain • Elbow pain • Wrist pain • Hip pain • Knee pain • Ankle pain • Joint stiffness

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