I was extremely pleased with all aspects of my PT visits. The entire staff (including the front desk) were pleasant as well as very professional. Aside from the positive medical results, I found the environment to be warm and friendly. 

Mick V.

This is a wonderful facility with friendly people who are all so encouraging and helpful. I would recommend this facility to everyone!

Laurie K.

After having a total hip replacement and it was time for physical therapy, I went to Brostrom Physical Therapy to regain usage and strength in my left leg.  


I was very satisfied with the treatment and the progress that I received. The employees were very courteous and professional. When I returned to my orthopedic surgeon for my 6-week checkup, he was very pleased with the progress I had made.  I highly recommend Brostrom Physical Therapy and have sent 2 of my friends there for treatment.

Jack R.

After two difficult surgeries, the staff was totally professional, attentive, and focused on a program specific to my recovery. It was a wonderful experience! 

Jim S.

I had a wonderful experience! Very different (better!) from therapy I’ve had at other facilities in the past. All of the staff were caring, professional, and pleasant. If I need PT in the future, I will certainly come back here.

Jenny P.

Brostrom makes everyone feel like family! Great PT and great listeners! I will never go anywhere else!

Cheryl R.

Matt and Sam did an awesome job of getting me back to my normal routine, walking, and pain-free days. They helped me to understand my injury as well as how my therapy worked toward healing me. The entire staff is awesome. 

Maggie S.

​The staff/personnel at Brostrom were attentive and insightful. They took time to share and provide updates and progress of my treatment. Working with Samantha and Matt was wonderful – true professionals.

Matt H.

Everyone on staff has an open and friendly manner! I felt very cared for and important. Matt is so gregarious, it’s fun! If a client comes in without a smile, they’d sure not leave without one. I’m very happy to have found Brostrom in my network! 

Micki B.

I love this place! Everyone is so friendly and helpful – and funny! I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

Roberta S.

Will definitely recommend to everyone going forward. Success was attained very quickly and ahead of expectations. This is a top rate facility focused on each individual patient. 


If you prefer a personalized approach to physical therapy rather than an assembly-line factory approach, then you want what Brostrom’s physical therapists offer. Matt Brostrom and his highly-experienced staff use a wide range of therapies to support healing.

George W.

I have been with Matthew Brostrom for nearly 5 years and think he is the best physical therapist I have ever had or known. After having 3 major operations within 1 year, and working with Matt I am now back to work and my pain is manageable. Without Matt's help I would have much more pain and probably not be back to work. 


Prior to these 3 operations I was with Matt for 4 years for other medical problems, I feel very highly of Matt and his capabilities. 

Michael S.

There is no other physical therapy group I trust to be as thorough and knowledgeable. I feel confident my injuries were not only properly healed, but strengthened in preventative care to remain healthy. 


As an active 40+ woman, I was totally taken out of my exercise life by a "tweaked" back. Hiking, mountain biking, and running were replaced with a simple walk. Within a visit or two, Matt had reduced the pain almost nothing and quickly got me back into my activities. Matt has a true passion for helping his patients return to their active lives as quickly and safely as possible. I can't thank him enough for sharing his talent and making my like rock again! 

Jean S.

As of this date, November 19, 2010, Matt has helped me to avoid two surgeries (cervical disc and rotator cuff) with his expertise in physical therapy and his guidance to my exercising at home, both my neck and shoulder have greatly improved. 


I had previous therapy at another facility in town, but my best results came from Brostrom Physical Therapy. 


I will continue with Matt as needed and I highly recommend his services to everyone. 

Matt and his staff are very qualified and their main concern is improving the health of their patients.  They are well trained, professional, personable and caring. 


I once told Matt, if he ever has a bad day, it certainly never shows in his work. 

Thank you Matt and staff!  You are greatly appreciated in our small town of South Lyon. 


I have had surgery on both of my feet. I did not have therapy on one foot and scar tissue from the procedure still gives me pain. The foot that did have therapy with Matt is doing much better than the other. The scar tissue is gone and my foot is pain free. 


I also have stenosis in my neck, and without Matt's therapy I would be in pain every day. He has given me exercises that I do at home to help relieve the tension and pain in my neck. Matt is just a wonderful therapist and I will continue to go to his clinic whenever I need some sort of therapy. 

I have been to other clinics for various problems, but Matt Brostrom's clinic is best. He is thorough and cares very much about you as a person and not just as a client. I have found that Matt has great judgement of character, and all of his employees are professional yet personable. I would recommend his clinic to anyone that has had operations or just needs therapy for any injury. 

Kathleen S.

My first experience with physical therapy is here with Matt. His patience, explanations, and therapy planning inspired confidence and high expectations for a good result from the therapy. Throughout my treatment I was always aware of the plan and the expected result. Now at the end of my therapy I am pain free and very happy with the mobility of my arm. 

Harvey W.

Please allow me to write to you about Matt Brostrom and Brostrom Physical Therapy.  I have been treated twice over the course of the last 30 months for different injuries by Matt, most recently for a lower back injury by him and his staff at his newly opened facility in South Lyon, Michigan.  In both cases the two primary goals that patients like myself have were met with progressive treatment in a timely manner leading to healing of the injury, and this same type of treatment in a comfortable, professional atmosphere that promotes and encourages two way communication between patient and staff. 


What patients learn quickly when they begin to work with Brostrom Physical Therapy is that their voice and needs are of the utmost importance.  Matt and his staff create a positive energy that makes physical therapy as "fun" of an experience as possible while at the same time driving toward the main goal of health.  A beautiful new facility, a great staff, and a growing reputation as the best physical rehabilitation in the growing community of South Lyon are just a few positives for Brostrom Physical Therapy. 


While I do not look forward to any future injury that would require therapy, in the event it did happen my first call would be to Matt Brostrom.  I will strongly recommend him to anyone I encounter who is in need of attention.  I thank Brostrom Physical Therapy for their professional help, and wish them only the best in the future. 

Sean H.

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