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It remains our top priority to protect your health and safety and to engage you in a rehabilitation program that reduces pain and/or safely brings you back to performing activities around the house and community. If you are unable to attend in-clinic appointments in light of the COVID-19 situation, we are proud to offer Telehealth and E-Visit services as an alternative model of care.

Telehealth (video appointments) and E-Visits (email communication through our secure patient portal) allow you to communicate with our physical therapists in the comfort of your own home. During a Telehealth appointment or E-Visit, our licensed physical therapists can make recommendations such as (but not limited to):

  • What household activities to participate in or refrain from or, if necessary, how to modify household activities;

  • What exercises to participate or refrain from;

  • If a home exercise program needs to be established or progressed, our PTs can draft a comprehensive program that includes picture and/or video tutorials and guidelines on parameters (repetitions and sets, number of times per day/week);

  • Whether ice and/or heat is recommended for your condition.


For any inquiries regarding these services or to schedule, please read more below or contact our practice.


Telehealth is available for new and established patients.

Telehealth appointments are video appointments where you can communicate with one of our physical therapists. We want to ensure you have a great video appointment with your therapist while keeping your appointment secure and private. To accomplish both of these goals, we use Skype as a HIPAA-compliant video platform with the following features:

  • All video and audio is encrypted on the sender’s end and only decrypted on the receiver’s end.

  • No one can join the appointment until we specifically initiate the video call. 

  • Your or our therapist can disconnect or mute the call at any time. 


To use Skype, you need to download the app. You should establish a free Skype account with a secure username and password.

Download Skype app for Desktop (computer)

Download the Skype app for iPhone or iPad

Download the Skype app for Android

To schedule your video appointment: Call your practice to determine if a video appointment is appropriate for you. Here's what we will verify with you at the time of scheduling:

  1. Basic demographic, contact, and *insurance information (please have your insurance card(s) available);

  2. Your verbal consent to evaluate and/or treat you over video;

  3. Your review and signature of the telehealth consent form.

  4. A date and time that is convenient for you to schedule a video appointment.

  5. Instructions about preparing for your video appointment. 

To make the most of your video appointment:
  1. If you will be using a smartphone or tablet, download the Skype app. Ensure that your device will have a reliable internet connection, a compatible browser (recommended browsers are Chrome and Safari), and a webcam with a microphone at the time of your scheduled video appointment.

  2. Consider using headphones with a microphone for better sound and privacy.

  3. Plan to be in a quiet room or a private space with good lighting. Your physical therapist will discuss personal health information, and others nearby you may be able to hear. 

  4. Ensure you have ample space needed to complete your session and make yourself comfortable. Choose a location in which you can be most comfortable both physically and emotionally. 

  5. Try to arrange for a support person to help you in case you run into any technical issues at the time of your appointment. This could be a tech-savvy member of your household. If you don’t have anyone to help, don’t worry! We will do our best to help you connect.

  6. On the day of your appointment, dress in clothes that allow you to move freely. 

Before your scheduled video appointment: You will receive a phone call from a member of our staff before your video appointment begins. Our staff will:
  1. Verify your identity over the phone and ask you some intake questions.

  2. Make sure you are all set to connect with your provider over video.

After your scheduled video appointment: If you have a TurboPT portal account, you can follow-up with us by sending a "Message" through your portal. If you do not have a TurboPT portal account, we will provide instructions on establishing a login.

*Insurance Coverage: We would love the opportunity to look into your specific health insurance plan and its benefits to determine if telehealth for physical therapy is a covered benefit. If your insurance does not cover telehealth physical therapy, you will be responsible for a flat fee for each telehealth appointment. As with an in-person appointment, late cancellation and no-show fees may apply.


E-Visits are available for established patients only.

E-Visits can be performed anytime but are only available to established patients - meaning your initial evaluation must have already been completed via a telehealth or in-person appointment. If you already have a TurboPT portal account, feel free to log in at a time convenient for you and sent a message to your physical therapist. Once received, your physical therapist will reply with guidance. If you do not yet have a TurboPT portal account, please contact our office so a member of our team can enable portal access and guide you through establishing a login.

We want to ensure you have great E-Visit(s) with your therapist while keeping your information secure and private. To accomplish both of these goals, we use a patient portal established by our scheduling software, TurboPT, as a HIPAA-compliant email platform with the following features:

  • All email messages are encrypted on the sender’s end and only decrypted on the receiver’s end.

  • No one can establish a portal login until we specifically grant access, which can be removed at any time. 

  • No one can access your portal without your username and password.

Insurance Coverage: Should you wish to proceed with an E-Visit, Brostrom PT will submit a claim to (in other words, send a bill to) your insurance, but we are opting to waive any member cost-sharing or insurance denials that may result. This means that E-Visits are completely free to you as the patient.

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